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Our Driving Force

From humble beginnings as an apprentice in a tool-room, to becoming one of the prime moulders of India's dynamic industry, it has been a journey of constant improvement, innovative thinking and immaculate planning, fueled by dedicated work. Within three years of his arrival in Mumbai in the year 1971, Mr. K.M. Shetty started his very own tool-room workshop under the name VK Engineering, handling a multitude of customised injection moulding assignments. He lay special emphasis on adding the element of 'precision' to the process of mould making.

Our Story

With the formation of the VK Group in 1978, we climbed the first step towards realizing our vision. 28 years on, we are today one of India's foremost OEMs specialising in Home Appliances, PVC pipe & electrical fittings, PE construction materials, HIPS, PPCP & ABS Engineering components for television & telecom industries, moulded furniture and now water filtration. We specialise in Contract Manufacturing, offering comprehensive concepts to complete turnkey solutions for subassemblies as well as completed assemblies.

Our Endeavour

Our greatest strength lies in our human capital that comprises of a team of highly dedicated professionals, driven by a single-minded passion for achieving excellence in their field of their expertise. Together, we form a cohesive workforce inspired by the vision of our founder – Mr.K.M. Shetty – constantly evolving with newer ideas and solutions. Our aim is to redefine existent parameters of quality and set fresh benchmarks in the Global OEM market.

International Reach

As a trusted partner for major brands across India, VK Group is poised for substantial growth in years ahead. Having built its presence in the Gulf region in countries like Baharain & UAE, it has now extended operations to Mauritius, South Africa, U.K. and the US.